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2012 Divisional Award Winners

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  Elementary Honorable Mention Awards
    (1606) Influence of Hydrodynamics on a Swimmer's Distance
        Student: Anna Benson
        School: Wahl Coates Elem

    (1202) Water Wonders
        Students: Nick Butler , Andie Smiley
        School: Elmhurst School

    (1403) Electrofun!
        Student: Valeria Molina
        School: Pasquotank Elem

    (1111) Greasy Spuds
        Student: Makayla Williams
        School: Hertford Grammar School

    (1505) Water Contamination Across the United States and Canada
        Student: Elijah Shuford
        School: Wintergreen Intermed

  Exemplary Elementary Awards
    (1123) Texting - A Distraction Attraction
        Students: Samantha Kros , Brooke Keefe , Delaney O'Connor
        School: Wintergreen Intermed

    (1105) Mathland vs Marioland
        Student: Ben Craven
        School: Wahl Coates Elem

    (1503) Wilt or Won't
        Student: Gracie Bassett
        School: New Life Academy

Junior - Biological Science A

  Junior Biological Science A - Honorable Mention
    (2202) Do Dogs Have Paw Preferences
        Student: Caroline Turner
        School: Christ Covenant School

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2205) The Battle for Clean Hands Continues...
        Student: Lindsay Gribble
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2301) Music: The key to your heart
        Student: Amrita Malur
        School: Hope Middle

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2201) A Moth Night
        Student: Connor Winfield
        School: Camden Middle

Junior - Biological Science B

  Junior Biological Science B - Honorable Mention
    (2302) Let it Rain
        Student: Austin Dunlow
        School: Hope Middle

  Junior Biological Science B - 3rd Place
    (2307) Hot Mold Cold Mold
        Student: Emiley Dawson
        School: Bertie Middle

  Junior Biological Science B - 2nd Place
    (2303) What you see is what you get
        Student: Godgive Umozurike
        School: Elizabeth City Middl

  Junior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (2306) BRAIN POWER!!! Do Cockroaches and Phorid Flies Have Antimicrobial Properties in Their Brains?
        Student: Chaz A. McDaniel
        School: River Road Middle

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry - Honorable Mention
    (2410) Stain,Stain go away
        Student: Anna DeCresie
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2411) The Secret of the Explosive Cabbage
        Student: Tomoki Tashiro
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2406) Calorimeter
        Student: Winfred Felton
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2401) Bread Power
        Student: Sayan Dutta
        School: Hope Middle

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - Honorable Mention
        Student: Lizzy Betts
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 3rd Place
    (2503) Oil Spills: Not So Slick!
        Students: Kathryn Robertson , Maggie Small
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (2505) Toxic Detergent?
        Student: Madyson Burrell
        School: Christ Covenant School

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (2507) Does magnetism affect the regrowth of bisected planaria??
        Student: Kaitlyn Bagnal
        School: Christ Covenant School

Junior - Physics

  Junior Chemistry - Honorable Mention
    (2608) Speed and friction
        Student: Mason Lassiter
        School: Bertie Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2605) Muzzy Buddies
        Students: Andrew Sudekum , Chaz Hathaway , Donald Wynn
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2610) The Golden Arch
        Students: Zara Mehta , Garrett Fagundus
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2603) A Comparison of Moisture-Wicking Fabrics
        Student: Walker Winslow
        School: Christ Covenant School

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering - Honorable Mention
    (2702) Solar Powered Water Desalination
        Student: Elizabeth Dupree
        School: Camden County High

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 3rd Place
    (2704) Can a Homemade Solar Air Heater Warm Up the Room?
        Student: Gordon T. Adams III
        School: Elizabeth City Middl

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 2nd Place
    (2703) Structural Engineering and Carnival Games. How Do They Stack Up?
        Student: Parker Betts
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (2701) Bugs For Brunch
        Student: Emma Christensen
        School: Stone Circle Academy

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (3501) Effects of Impervious Surface Runoff During Storm Events on Stream Chemistry
        Student: Sam Christensen
        School: Home School

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (3701) Harvesting Micropower Within Ocean Waves: Application of the Electromechanical Phenomena Within Piezoelectric Plates to Rock Jetties and Other Theoretical Models
        Student: Austin Bryan
        School: J.H. Rose High