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2013 Divisional Award Winners

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  Elementary Honorable Mention Awards
    (1104) Which type of soil is best for germinating basil seeds?
        Student: Kaysie Mire
        School: Hertford Grammar School

    (1401) Bubble Mania: What Makes The Very Best Bubbles?
        Students: Kent Mercader , Kelly Mercader
        School: Ahoskie Elementary

    (1111) You Light Up My World
        Student: Allie Coker
        School: Camden Intermediate

    (1603) Getting Medieval Up In Here: Catapult Physics
        Student: Aidan Hvastkovs
        School: Wintergreen Intermed

  Exemplary Elementary Awards
    (1404) All Fired Up!
        Student: Logan Mann
        School: Ayden Elementary

    (1501) Our Surroundings Have Changed; Has Our Family? - Biological Monitoring of Streams in Different Land Usages Using Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
        Student: Keenan Wasklewicz
        School: Wahl Coates Elem

    (1504) Wind Created Energy
        Student: Reid Smith
        School: J C Sawyer Elem

    (1505) Is Traditional or green insulation More Beneficial in Keeping Homes Energy Efficient
        Student: Blair Bice
        School: Christ Covenant School

Junior - Biological Science A

  Junior Biological Science A - Honorable Mention
    (2211) Taste the Difference
        Student: Alexandra Poggi
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2208) Energized
        Students: Amber Bryant , MaKayla Bullock
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2206) Does Premium Dog Food Actually Make Your Dog Healthier?
        Student: Caroline Turner
        School: Christ Covenant School

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2202) Old Salty
        Student: Davis Robertson
        School: River Road Middle

Junior - Biological Science B

  Junior Biological Science B - 2nd Place
    (2302) In A Rush?
        Student: Hunter Joyner
        School: Camden Middle

  Junior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (2301) The Forgetful Planaria: Can exposure to excitotoxins cause neurological problems and memory loss?
        Student: Elijah Shuford
        School: E B Aycock Middle

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2406) Test the Rainbow: Chromatography in Everyday Life
        Student: Erin Thomas
        School: Perquimans County Middle School

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2401) Transforming Temperatures
        Student: Jennifer Williams
        School: J.L. Chamberlain Academy

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - Honorable Mention
    (2513) Does it Matter if it's Black or White?
        Students: Myna Tirupattur , Anna Benson
        School: E B Aycock Middle

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 3rd Place
    (2502) How does food waste affect water quality?: Dissolved Oxygen and pH
        Students: Lauren Lim , Kassidy Blount
        School: Hope Middle

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (2504) Gray is the Way to Recycle and Water Each Day
        Student: Joshua Harris
        School: Ayden Middle School

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (2506) Which Homemade Recycled Paper Is Best To Write On
        Student: Carson Jager
        School: Ahoskie Elementary

Junior - Physics

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2612) Pitching Dynamics Windup vs. Stretch
        Student: Caleb Richardson
        School: Perquimans County Middle School

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2613) The Golden Angle
        Students: Ryan Mehta , Easton Dally
        School: C M Eppes Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2601) The Watergate Trials: How Floodgate Lever Length Affects Water Flow
        Student: Coleman Davis
        School: Lake Comfort Scool

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering - Honorable Mention
    (2703) Blown Away!
        Student: Lizzie Dupree
        School: Camden Middle

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 2nd Place
    (2704) How to Make a Dimmer Switch
        Student: Isaiah Seigh
        School: Camden Intermediate

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (2702) Saved By The Bug: Engineering a Multi-Purpose Insect Trap
        Student: Emma Christensen
        School: Stone Circle Academy

Senior - Biological Science A

  Senior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (3202) Who Do I Look Most Like?
        Student: Kelly Hoeltzel
        School: Perquimans County High School

Senior - Biological Science B

  Senior Biological Science B - 2nd Place
    (3301) The Effects of Salt on the Growth of Plants
        Student: Michaela Rappleyea
        School: Home School

  Senior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (3304) Lepidopteran Spiracle Variation
        Student: Alina Suedbeck
        School: Home School

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (3502) Do Plants Filter Runoff
        Student: Gwyneth Phelps
        School: Perquimans County High School

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (3501) Determining the Effects of Phosphorus Interception by Aluminum Potassium Sulfate on Cyanobacteria Concentrations in Lake Mattamuskeet
        Student: Anne Davis
        School: Lake Comfort Scool

Senior - Physics

  Senior Physics - 1st Place
    (3601) Soccer Science
        Student: Johnathan Gay
        School: Camden County High

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (3701) Electric Motorcycle Conversion For 3rd World Applications.
        Student: Jetsun Peangmeth
        School: Home School