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2014 Divisional Award Winners

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  Elementary Honorable Mention Awards
    (1102) Are You a Victim of CPR?
        Student: Emma Nixon
        School: Hertford Grammar School

    (1601) Hydromaniacs
        Students: Evan Cox , Logan Elliott
        School: J C Sawyer Elem

    (1109) How Much Sugar?
        Student: Emma Montero
        School: Central Elementary

    (1112) Hot Potato
        Student: Conner Munford
        School: Bearfield Primary School

  Exemplary Elementary Awards
    (1101) Rocket Stability as a Function of Fin Position
        Student: Ian Meredith
        School: The Oakwood School

    (1404) Acid, Sugar...Tooth Decay?
        Student: Aidan Hvastkovs
        School: Wintergreen Intermed

    (1111) energy from garbage:how to make biogas
        Student: dannielle ashe
        School: Other

Junior - Biological Science A

  Junior Biological Science A - Honorable Mention
    (2203) Invasion of the Fire Ants
        Students: Ashley Mills , Kellin O'Daniel
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2202) Deers Concession Stand
        Students: Hunter Jackson , Gabriel Kott
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2201) Cloudy With A Chance Of Insects: Creating A Formula To Predict Insect Surges
        Student: Emma Christensen
        School: Stone Circle Academy

Junior - Biological Science B

  Junior Biological Science B - Honorable Mention
    (2303) The Affects of Different Types of Fertilizers on the Growth of Plants in a Hydroponics Unit- Can Miracle Grow Work a Miracle, This Time?
        Students: Latoya Allah , Jahkem Atkins
        School: Riverside Middle School

  Junior Biological Science B - 3rd Place
    (2306) Can Sight Affect Taste?
        Student: Ross Richardson
        School: Other

  Junior Biological Science B - 2nd Place
    (2304) Do Different Types of Music Affect Heart Rate?
        Students: Anna James , Lacey Hardison
        School: Farmville Central High

  Junior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (2305) Multitasking-Meaningful or Messy?
        Student: Abby Fields
        School: Camden Intermediate

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2402) Bye Bye HeartBurn
        Student: Erin Harrison
        School: Bertie Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2404) Does the Temperature of Water Affect How Fast the Dry Ice Sublimates
        Student: Brendan Mobley
        School: Riverside Middle School

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2401) B.E.S.T: Bio-Ethanol for a Sustainable Tomorrow
        Student: Elijah Shuford
        School: Hope Middle

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - Honorable Mention
    (2506) High Zone! Low Zone! Ozone!
        Student: Carson Jager
        School: Hertford Multi-Purpose Juvenile Sch.

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 3rd Place
    (2501) How Ocean Waves Affect the Shoreline
        Student: Aubrie Williams
        School: Camden Intermediate

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (2508) Clouds and Molecules
        Student: Jalen Davis
        School: Hertford County High School

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (2503) Eutrophication: Going, Going, Gone!
        Students: Joseph Brown , Jayla Council
        School: Riverside Middle School

Junior - Physics

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2601) Which bat will make the ball go farther?
        Students: Siarra Trevena , Casey Geary
        School: Camden Intermediate

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (2602) Clay Pot Convection Heater
        Student: Malena Franco
        School: Camden Intermediate

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2607) Trebuchet Project
        Student: Aaron Rappleyea
        School: Home School

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 3rd Place
    (2707) What's the Solution? Designing a Device to Seperate Mixtures
        Student: Alexandra Veverka
        School: Riverside Middle School

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 2nd Place
    (2705) Kenyan Water Filter
        Students: Angelica Copeland , Kyndalyn Powell
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (2709) Bringing Clean Water Home: Water Filtration and Transportation for Developing Countries
        Student: Camin Randall-Peangmeth
        School: Home School

Senior - Biological Science A

  Senior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (3204) Stinky Feet: How to Kill the Problem
        Student: Anna Walker
        School: The Epiphany School of Global Studies

  Senior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (3203) Camellia sinensis Inhibits the Growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
        Student: Jonathan Miao
        School: The Epiphany School of Global Studies

  Senior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (3205) A Comparison of Lepidopteran Spiracle Morphology Between Different Stages in The Life Cycle
        Student: Alina Suedbeck
        School: Home School

Senior - Chemistry

  Senior Chemistry - 2nd Place
    (3403) Bleached Blonde: The Chemical Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on Human Hair
        Student: Katie LaGuardia
        School: The Epiphany School of Global Studies

  Senior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (3402) Pop the Bubble! Does Glycerin or Corn Syrup Produce the Longest-Lasting Bubble?
        Student: Brinson Willis
        School: The Epiphany School of Global Studies

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (3502) Acid Rain Go Away
        Student: Madison Loftis
        School: Perquimans County High School

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (3501) A Little Crabby
        Student: Caleb Richardson
        School: Perquimans County High School

Senior - Physics

  Senior Physics - 1st Place
    (3601) Piano Sound Waves
        Student: Emily Harvey
        School: J.H. Rose High

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (3701) A Process Capability Study
        Student: Cassandra Suedbeck
        School: Home School