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2014 Special Award Winners

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NCSEF Elementary Nomination

  Elementary Project at State NCSEF
    (1101) Rocket Stability as a Function of Fin Position
        Student: Ian Meredith
        School: The Oakwood School

    (1102) Are You a Victim of CPR?
        Student: Emma Nixon
        School: Hertford Grammar School

    (1404) Acid, Sugar...Tooth Decay?
        Student: Aidan Hvastkovs
        School: Wintergreen Intermed

    (1601) Hydromaniacs
        Students: Evan Cox , Logan Elliott
        School: J C Sawyer Elem

    (1109) How Much Sugar?
        Student: Emma Montero
        School: Central Elementary

    (1112) Hot Potato
        Student: Conner Munford
        School: Bearfield Primary School

    (1111) energy from garbage:how to make biogas
        Student: dannielle ashe
        School: Other