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2015 Divisional Award Winners

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  Elementary Honorable Mention Awards
    (1701) Need a Hand?
        Student: Ethan Clemmer
        School: Rodgers Elementary School

    (1602) What Makes the Brachistochrone and the Tautochrone Problems Similar?
        Student: Madison Rolison
        School: W. H. Robinson Elementary

    (1501) Disapearing Act:How Fast Do Different Biodegradable And Compostable Materials Decompose
        Student: Dannielle Ashe
        School: Other

    (1106) Eat Mor Feed
        Student: Justin Richardson
        School: Hertford Grammar School

    (1104) Gravity Machine
        Student: Rudy Marquis
        School: Ridgewood Elem

  Third Place-Elementary
    (1504) Wind Turbine Blade Differences
        Student: Bodie Blackford
        School: J C Sawyer Elem

  Second Place-Elementary
    (1703) Water Filtration - Which Method Works Best
        Student: Jason Napast
        School: Ridgewood Elem

  First Place-Elementary
    (1112) Making Biogas
        Students: Bella Cintron , Carson Fraley
        School: Other

Junior - Biological Science A

  Junior Biological Science A - 3rd Place
    (2205) Is Listening to Music While Studying a Booster or a Bummer?
        Student: Amanda Spear
        School: Home School

  Junior Biological Science A - 2nd Place
    (2204) Who Heard it First
        Student: Joshua Ray
        School: Farmville Middle School

  Junior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (2202) Board With Cutting?
        Student: Kearston Hudson
        School: Home School

Junior - Biological Science B

  Junior Biological Science B - 3rd Place
    (2302) How Ibuprofen Affects Plant Growth
        Students: Sabina Cerne , Emily McKeel , Alexzandria Copeland
        School: Chicod Elementary

  Junior Biological Science B - 2nd Place
    (2303) Does Magnetism Affect Seed Germination
        Students: Kelly Mercader , Kent Mercader
        School: Ahoskie Elementary

  Junior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (2301) Testing to the Tune of Mozart
        Students: Jillian Bratton , Madison Grooms
        School: Chicod Elementary

Junior - Chemistry

  Junior Chemistry - 3rd Place
    (2404) Do Sweeteners Raise pH
        Student: Lauren Jackson
        School: Ahoskie Elementary

  Junior Chemistry - 2nd Place
        Student: Elie Beamon
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (2403) Manipulation of the Rate of Oxidation of Fe by Changing the amount of Oxygen Present using a Catalase-Dependant Reaction
        Student: Sebastian Sanchez
        School: Chicod Elementary

Junior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 3rd Place
    (2509) Ultra Violence
        Student: Hannah Umphlett
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 2nd Place
    (2506) Oil Spills
        Student: Joe Rasmussen
        School: Home School

  Junior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (2503) The Effect of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Nanoparticles on the Growth and MicroRNA Expression of the Cellulosic Biofuel Crop Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)
        Student: Elijah Shuford
        School: Hope Middle

Junior - Physics

  Junior Physics - 1st Place
    (2601) "Simply Efficient: Optimum Efficiency of a Simple Electric Motor"
        Students: Julia Attardi , Michelle Pinto
        School: Chicod Elementary

Junior - Technology/Engineering

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 2nd Place
    (2701) Hydromaniacs II :The Effect of Density on Rocket Height
        Students: Evan Cox , Logan Elliott
        School: River Road Middle

  Junior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (2704) Solar Power
        Student: Joshua Meeks
        School: Farmville Middle School

Senior - Biological Science A

  Senior Biological Science A - 1st Place
    (3201) To Bee or Not To Bee
        Student: Michaela Rappleyea
        School: Home School

Senior - Biological Science B

  Senior Biological Science B - 1st Place
    (3302) Go Toward the Light: Using the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel to Identify Genes Associated with Light Addiction
        Student: Emma Christensen
        School: Stone Circle Academy

Senior - Chemistry

  Senior Chemistry - 1st Place
    (3401) Popping Clogs: Which Solution Can Unclog A Drain Clog?
        Students: Cynthia Ortiz , Cyvanah Byrd-Eley
        School: C.S. Brown STEM High School

Senior - Earth/Environmental Science

  Senior Earth/Environmental Science - 1st Place
    (3501) The Effects of Varying Conductivity on Phytoplankton Concentration and Species Richness in the Presence of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Lake Mattamuskeet
        Student: Anne Blythe Davis
        School: Home School

Senior - Technology/Engineering

  Senior Technology/Engineering - 2nd Place
    (3701) Tackfully Recycled
        Student: Caleb Richardson
        School: Perquimans County High School

  Senior Technology/Engineering - 1st Place
    (3703) Dirty & Dangerous Energy
        Student: Charles Maus
        School: Perquimans County High School